VGS Industries was established in 1993 and is today one of the leading Manufacturer & suppliers of cooler parts (mini submersible pumps, honeycomb pad, axial fan motor, synchronous motors) & industrial coolers in India, Middle East & Africa. For the last decade, it has consistently been on the top by setting benchmarks and proving its competency with its quality products.


VGS is always keen on learning customer requirements for mini submersible pumps so that we are able to deliver what they seek. We value our customers and intend to provide each of our customers the best of service and the product with a view to ensuring customer delight.

Experience Deep Cooling that is always colder

Step 1

Creating cold water
Cold water is created by evaporation within the Airbitat to generate a reservoir of cold water to supercharge the cooling cycle.

Step 2

Rapid cooling
With the cold water created, it fuels the ultra-efficient heat exchanger, rapidly transforming the ambient air to a cooler temperature.

Step 3

Deep cooling
The cooled air then passes through a second stage of evaporation, emerging as deeply cooled air streams.